Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV29
LSV29 S150 product photo
The Pneumatic Angle Grinder LSV29 is a small yet powerful grinder that comes with an insulated grip and in various speed. The extra durable angle gear requires minimum lubrication. This means improved working conditions, better grinding results and minimal maintenance.
Country of origin is HU. Customs tariff is 84672959

Technical Specifications

Max free speed
15000 r/min
Noise & vibrations
Sound power
93 dB(A)
Vibration standard
Vibration uncertainty
0.9 m/s²
Vibration value
3.3 m/s²
Sound uncertainty
3 dB(A)
Sound standard


Optimal process speed
Long service intervals
Low noise levels
Great operator comfort


High power even at low speed
Integrated speed governor
Sealed angle head
Lubrication free air motor
Exhaust hose included
Ergonomic design