Atlas Copco History's in Pakistan

Atlas Copco Air Compressor History in Pakistan is as old as the Birth of the Country, It is difficult to track which Atlas Copco Air Compressor came first in Pakistan, however we can still trace installation from late 1964.

In Pakistan, Atlas Copco has a market presence of more than 47 years through its distributors Ameejee Valleejee & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd. (AVS).  AVS has been marketing Atlas Copco products since 1965, today supporting over 3000 units in Pakistan. AVS has been one of the oldest companies representing leading industrial brands like Atlas Copco, Wartsila, ABB in Pakistan.

Atlas Copco History's in Pakistan

History of Atlas Copco in Pakistan
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1964- 1970

In Pakistan, Atlas Copco has a market presence of more than 47 years through its distributors Amee1ee Vallee1ee & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd. (AVS) AVS has been marketing Atlas Copco products since 1965, today supporting over 3000 units in Pakistan.

AVS has been one of the oldest companies representing leading industrial brands like Atlas Copco, Wartsila, and ABB in Pakistan. Combination of Atlas Copco and AVS backup support team, Atlas Copco Air Compressors remained dominating brand of the market for many decades.

AVS has delivered many reliable customized quality air solutions to almost all the leading companies in this region which have been in operation successfully for last many decades. Today Atlas Copco enjoys the reputation of a true market leader in compressed air applications through its innovative and reliable technology with more than 60% market share.

1980s ... 2000s

VPL was appointed as CMT & Portable dealer in early 1980's and since then they managed to promote Atlas Copco CMT & Portable Products in the market with main focus on Government inquiries and private sectors.

Later in 2002, another distributor "Ali Enterprises" was appointed for CMT with whom we manage to have better market coverage in remote areas where VPL couldn't cover and we had very good business development since then with Ali Enterprises especially for the Rock Drilling Tools Market beside main CMT & Portable business.

In 2012, new agreements were signed with both VPL and Ali Enterprises where, VPL is appointed as Dealer for complete Chicago Pneumatic CP products and Ali Enterprises is appointed as MR "Mining & Rock Excavation" Dealer.


A mega event organized by VPL Limited in 2003 to showcase all their products including Atlas Copco CMT and Generators for which they had the dealership for at that time. It was a single day event in each of the three major cities in Pakistan organized in the leading hotels of Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

The team of Atlas Copco MENA Office from Cairo, along with representatives from VPL Limited delivered presentations and demonstrations on different products Majority of the customers were from the Cement Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, Road & Civil Contractors and Government Engineering Departments like WAPDA, PUJMIN, Inspectorate of Mines and Mines and Mineral Department.

More than 400 participants in each event were present. Atlas Copco presentations carried applications of Boomers, Hydraulic Surface Crawler Drills, Construction Tools, Rock Drilling Tools and Portable Air Compressors.


Atlas Copco International 1n collaboration of CT distributor AVS arranged highly successful Product Launch in Karachi and Multan. In Karachi nearly 50 plus customers participated. Karachi is also major market of all products in Pakistan. All types of industries were invited including our GKA and LKA customers.

The Multan show was highly successful due to its first kind of Atlas Copco big seminar being represented by nearly 75 plus participants from 40 important companies/    ' organizations of 6 main south Punjab industrial estates.

The new product ranges with specialized features were presented with purpose built programs and presentations including absorbing examples. The GA and GA Plus comparisons for high energy saving features were presented with comparative analysis of competition for same rated range of products. This helped to boost sales overall in Pakistan and proved good value to customer's operational efficiency.

Atlas Copco started representative office in Pakistan to be more close to the customers and grow our market share for the Compressors.

During that period most focus was on the market intelligence of Industrial and Oil free stationary Air compressors in Pakistan· In order to have a better understanding of the compressed Air needs, formal operations started with the hiring of 02 Fresh Engineers who surveyed not only about the existing installations of Atlas Copco Air Compressors in Pakistan but also helped assessing the potential of Compressed Air Market.

Once the results were compiled, existing installation figures of Atlas Copco stationary compressors was amazing as it was observed that more than 1000 old or new.

Air Compressors of Atlas Copco Brand were already installed 1n the country.

Atlas Copco Management strongly felt the need of Customer Centre in Pakistan as this country proved to be major textile contributor in the region.


The Atlas Copco Pakistan arranged very first customer get together at one day match between Pakistan and England at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore with Lunch and refreshments. Twenty five key customers from major segments attended this entertaining get together.

This thrilling activity provided extended time to intermingle with customers with discussion on all possible topics including ongoing projects and all related r issues.

This also helped us to cement our existing stronger relationship.

Since Atlas Copco UK Air Audit team was also present tor one major textile group for Air Audit of their existing Competition installation and our ZR355 + MD installations. This test report proved to be very useful document to convince all customers regarding competitor’s under performance as per our claim. So we got chance to promote our ZH very effectively especially to Textile weaving customers.

We also distributed soft and hard promotion material with souvenirs and all participants went home with good memories of Atlas Copco and in happier mood since Pakistan won the match.

Atlas Copco is the pioneered complete air scan of textile weaving units in Pakistan. The idea for such an activity originated from competition claim in the market that ZR/ZT compressors performance efficiency is reduced every year with deterioration of High Pressure and Low Pressure elements and could reduce as much as 20-25 percent of original capacities within five years.

Therefore, Atlas Copco Pakistan decided to conduct air scan at the Quetta Textile Mills located near Lahore and their owners were pursued and convinced for benefits of this activity on Atlas Copco cost Atlas Copco UK was invited for this interesting and investigative exercise of air scan of installed equipment including cooling system and allied accessories of 4 *ZR355 air compressors and 2 of Competition air compressors.

The comprehensive test report indicating more than 5 % higher efficiency of ZR machines with MD dryers' vs Competition. Atlas Copco marked its presence in Pakistan by participating in the industrial event in March 2006.

There were 02 exhibitions ITIF Asia 2) Build Asia. The goal was to be closer to the customer and showing the launch of Atlas Copco Direct office in Pakistan.

ITIF Asia - The ITIF exhibition was done in collaboration with Distributors i.e. AVS. Atlas Copco showed for the first time with direct representation for the customers. It was a success. More than 400 customers visited during the 3 day event. The exhibition mainly focuses on the Atlas Copco Industrial Air range of products. Machines were displayed in the stalls. During the exhibition it was agreed between the Exhibitors (E-Commerce) that for coming years Atlas Copco will supply compressed air to the exhibition halls.

Build Asia - The presence of Atlas Copco in the construction market of the Pakistan. Portable compressor & Generator were displayed.

CMT MENA Office in Cairo decided to take further step to secure CMT business in Pakistan and they had appointed Jack Zureikat as Country Operations Manager for Pakistan.

Initially, CMT worked through CMT Dealer VPL in 2006 and at the same time had supported and contributed in the establishing of Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd in order to have proper CMT organization ready to start on the first day new Customer Center launched.

During the new operation daily focus, CMT had grown the business in 2006 to a new record level and managed to get the first Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine in the country 3 X ROC L6-25 beside two underground face drilling machine model L2D and one CS 1000 P4. After several years of market intelligence, Atlas Copco decided to open a fully owned customer center in Pakistan. In Dec 2006 Atlas Copco got incorporated as a private limited company under the name of Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

The customer center was made responsible for the sales and aftermarket services of products related to Compressor Technique and Construction and Mining Technique business area in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The customer center which started from two rooms in Country Manager's house soon shifted to a rented office in posh locality of Defence Housing Authority. As the business grew so did the requirements and we kept on acquiring different floors in the same building, today we have rented out the entire 4 floor building and are in phase of moving to even a bigger office with better facilities.

2007 – 2012

Atlas Copco Pakistan is continuously engaged in community development programs. Specially focusing on training of Young students like Training on Compressed Air to Textile University Students and also Industrial Professionals.

Atlas Copco Pakistan also sponsor Technical Projects of Different University Students as for 2011 - 2012 Atlas Copco Pakistan is offering full sponsorship to UET Lahore who is making an urban concept Car to participate in Shell Echo Marathon meant for Fuel Efficiency.

Also every year 02 Internships offered to Engineering Students from different prominent universities.

Atlas Copco Pakistan is also engaged in support of Edhi orphanage House where 1000s of Orphans are accommodated; feed and proper education facilities are provided.

During 2011 Floods in Pakistan, Atlas Copco Pakistan as a responsible citizen contributed its part in relief Work by donating Food items, Clothing and other necessities of life to flood effected people and also arranged Generators to light the Camp houses of Flood Effected People.


Besides having Chain of reputable Dealers in all Pakistan for industrial Air, Multiband, Tools & CMT Atlas Copco Pakistan further expands its operation to Islamabad and Karachi in order to cover North and South region bf the country as north is major hub for CMT potential while South had a concentration of General Industry and today contributing 60% of the revenues in Atlas Copco CT Business.

For above reason, Atlas Copco Pakistan in 2007 had established on 1000 sqm an operation offices/warehouse/workshop for CMT Operation and had established a good size branch in Karachi where we have full fledge office covering sales, service & After market for Karachi Region headed by branch manager while South office had a concentration of General Industry and today contributing 60% of the revenues in Atlas Copco CT Business.


The United Arab Emirates has an exemplary and consistent record in providing financial support for development and humanitarian projects throughout the region. Sheikh Zyed Hospital Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad were initiated by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa

Bin Zayed, and involved the construction of health facilities  in the earthquake affected areas of Azad Kashmir.

The project aims to improve the conditions of the affected inhabitants by providing much-needed facil1t1es. The project also included the installation and commissioning of medical equipment for the two hospitals, each with a 250-bed capacity at Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir.

Atlas Copco I BeaconMedaes was selected as trusted partner to design Medical Gas Pipe line systems for these two state of the art Hospitals considering International Health and Safety Standards.

These two hospitals are compliant with HTM 2022 standards and are also two pilot projects of Atlas Copco Pakistan after introduction of BeaconMedaes Products in Pakistan.


When it comes to providing exemplary healthcare facilities with expertise of competent Professionals dedicated to improving the health quality in Pakistan, none is superior then Aga Khan University Hospital which was established in 1985.

Aga Khan University Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya are Philanthropic, not-for-profit, private institutions providing high quality health care.

The Hospitals also serve as the principal sites for clinical training for the University's Medical Colleges and Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Pakistan and East Africa.

Being top notch hospital of the country they never compromise on quality, this is the reason that they have entrusted BeaconMedaes as preferred supplier of Medical Gas Pipeline and Source Equipment In recent years, the Aga Khan Hospitals have grown tremendously, expanding services and upgrading their facilities.

Aga Khan Hospitals today are using our complete range of BeaconMedaes products, from outlets to source equipment, from Architecture to state of the art Operation Theatre Pendants The town of She Bergan is located in the center of Afghanistan's northern gas fields estimated to have surveyed resources of 1.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas then by the Russians and 8 out of 32 wells are still producing and supplying gas only to Shebergan and its surrounding areas.

Atlas Copco offered their services for usage of this natural gas for the welfare of Afghan people. The US based Task Force for Business and Sustainability Operation (TFBSO) awarded CNG Station project to its "Prime Contractor" CADG (Central Asian Development Group) based in Singapore. The CADG further awarded 0.7 MEuro key turn project to Atlas Copco for first CNG station Afghanistan. The whole idea of this exercise was to provide cheaper, safer and environment friendly fuel for said region and a team of local engineers was trained for CNG car conversion and operations for the same.

Not to limit the usage and benefits including application of installed equipment. Since power is the major concern of that we have suggested them to use this purified natural gas for power generation purpose and also suggested to transport this natural gas from this site to such area's where natural gas is not available for simultaneous build up for fuelling stations in that areas.


Year 2012 marked to be the major expansion and movement year for Atlas Copco Pakistan. Considering our ever expanding work force, requirement for a safe and healthy work environment was inevitable, and a requirement of space with sufficient availability of storage capacity in order to effectively stock our necessary back up spares and also to cater immediate requirement of the market we may stock our machines was required.

Our new premises now address all our current and future required as listed below:


Atlas Copco remained committed to sustainable, safe and healthy work environment for its employees, stake holders and our valued customers. Our products and services meet and exceeds international quality standards, reliable and environmental friendly products and services remained our bench mark.

To Further contribute towards corporate social responsibility, to provide safe and healthy work environment and to offer quality products & service, Atlas Copco Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd is taking a leaping step to get ISO accreditation from well know and reputed certification body that is; Lloyds Register:

ISO Surveillance audit:
A successful audit was conducted during the first half of 2016 and with all green results, we are acknowledged as a committed entity towards best management practices, quality procedures, products and services, healthy and safe work and site environment and future orientation towards our environmental responsibilities and goals.

Road Safety Show:
Together with City Traffic Police, we conducted Road Safety Show, we highlighted importance of careful driving, using Seat Belts all the time, following Traffic Signals and abiding Traffic Rules. All Employees of Atlas Copco Pakistan distributed safety handouts to drivers on all the major signals and emphasized importance of Seat Belts.

I-Care Campaign:
A nation wise I-care campaign was launched in order to highlight the importance of Safety Gears while servicing the machines and also visiting the hazardous work related sites. Special buntings, posters and handouts were distributed to employees and customers to make it more effective and accident free work places.

Achieving 100 Mark of ZH Centrifugal Compressor Installations in Pakistan:
ZH series centrifugal compressors are our pioneer products to achieve energy efficiency, smallest carbon footprints and reliable continuous operation. We reached 100 plus installation mark on start of 2016 and will be reaching 130 new units installed in the country by 2016.