Meet the General Manager

What's your personal motto?

Take Care of your Customer, or somebody else will! I take this notion very seriously and always prefer to sitting front of customer, especially at times when customer needs extra attention or in trouble due to any reason.

What would be the high point of a perfect work day?

Meeting a customer, providing him an innovative solution which may add a value to his sustainable productivity drive.

Describe a proud, if not proudest moment while working at Atlas Copco.

I would rate every moment a proud moment while working with Atlas Copco, culture of ethical and empowered work place inspires me, when I see motivated and bright young faces working for Atlas Copco Pakistan that adds into my proud moments.

Do you have a bold and crazy idea you would like to see implemented (privately or at work)?

I would not say it's a crazy idea but for a country like Pakistan, this can be rated as bold idea of modern work place, where I want to transform our formal office setting into an informal work environment, where everyone finds it pleasurable to get up in the morning and come to work with a feeling that he I she will contribute something productive today.

Where safety is not a responsibility, but a life style.

If you could choose any alternative career what would it be?

I would choose to be an inspirational speaker, where I could influence positive change in the life of people and inspire a change in them which in tum bring positive change in society.

If there were a shop where you could buy a personal characteristic or talent you think you lack, what would you choose?

I will always choose knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge.

Name three pet peeves (things that really bug you).

What characteristic do you appreciate most in a colleague? In a manager or leader?

Of the Group values of Interaction, Commitment and Innovation, which is your favorite, and why?

Group values very much reflect in our personal life as well, everything starts with interaction especially when you are in service industry, a commitment and deliverance is hallmark of true professional and out of the box solution is what makes our approach innovative, so I think all values are interlinked and together delivered a complete Promise.

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General Manager