Refurbishment for portable compressors

Element Exchange Program

Extend your compressor´s lifetime with an overhauled element

Reduce total cost of ownership

Protect your investment by extending the lifetime of your machine and maximizing its resale value

Avoid downtime

Replace your old element quickly with an overhauled element from stock. In return for an old (reworkable) element, we offer you credit.

Extend Element Warranty

Thanks to our technicians` expertise, the replaced element has the same reliability and productivity as a new element, plus a 1-year warranty.

The compressor element is the heart of your machine. And after between 6000-8000 operational working hours, your compressor element will need overhauling to return to its original efficiency. This Atlas Copco exchange program enables you to replace your old element with an overhauled element in a moment – because the overhauled element is ready off the shelf for replacement.
As we offer the same reliability – with a 1-year warranty – the price of the overhauled element is equal to the price of a new element. When you send an old (reworkable) element back to us, we offer you a number of credits, available for future exchanges. Check the credit process in our Element Exchange Brochure.

Element Exchange Program

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