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SPR for electric vehicles

Learn more about joining electric vehicle bodies, batteries and other components using Henrob self-piercing rivet setters and rivets

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There are many emerging technologies and manufacturing techniques resulting from the electric vehicle market. Vehicle applications such as body panel joining and batteries pose new challenges for EV manufacturers. We are ready to take on those challenges. Henrob self-pierce riveting systems are ideal for joining battery trays and for stabilizing enclosures.

Battery joining

We can meet the needs of all aspects of battery joining with our self-pierce riveting, adhesive and gap-filling systems, and flow drill fastening

Body panel joining

Our technologies are tried and tested with some of the best selling vehicles on the road for several years

Clean environment

Self-pierce riveting provides a joining method in a clean environment with no heat, flames, sparks, spatter or fumes

Systems suited for electric vehicles and powertrain applications