Centrifugal diesel driven dewatering pumps open frame

3300-7500 l/min

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Diesel Driven Dewatering Pumps

Discover our open frame solutions.


High Capacity Diaphragm Pump

For automatic priming.

Modular Design

Many configurations possible.

High Efficiency Hydraulic End

For low fuel consumption.

Wet and Dry Prime Options

The PAS open frame pump systems consist of a centrifugal pump with a semi-open impeller and a large separator. Air is separated from the liquid and sucked by the vacuum pump, making automatic priming possible.

Wet prime pumps offer an extremely portable, cost effective solution. They are best suited to applications with a consistent flow. Dry prime pumps offer improved efficiency over longer periods of usage. They are best suited for applications where you might experience periods of running dry or intermittent flows.

Even with suction heights of several meters, both ranges rapidly evacuate the air from the suction pipe and start to pump. The semi-open impeller makes both ranges suitable for pumping liquids with solids in the suspension.

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Product Variations

PAS4 DDM W220, PAS4 DDL A220, PAS4 DDM W250, PAS4 DDM A250, PAS4 DDM W260, PAS4 DDM A260, PAS6 DDM W250, PAS6 DDM A250, PAS8 DDM W305, PAS8 DDM A305, PAS4 WDM W 250, PAS6 WDM W250, PAS6 WDM A250, PAS8 WDM W305, PAS8 WDM A305, PAS3 WDT A140, PAS3 WDT A210.

Can we pump it?

Learn more about Atlas Copco's complete offering when it comes to dewatering pumps. From electrical to diesel and gasoline options, we have the pump that is right for your application.


Electric Submersible Dewatering Pumps

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