Angle Cable Screwdriver Tensor SL
ETV SL21-07-06 product photo
Take assembly quality to the next level with the transducerized Angle Cable Screwdriver Tensor SL. With an excellent power to weight ratio, ergonomic grip, integrated speaker and LED lights for result’s feedback, the Tensor SL optimizes operator comfort and efficiency. High productivity is ensured with the high cycle-rate speed and safety-critical accuracy of the Tensor SL, making it an excellent choice for even the most demanding low-torque applications.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84672985

Technical Specifications

Torque range max
7.5 Nm
Torque range min
1.5 Nm
Battery information
Motor voltage
35 V


Full traceability
Unparalleled speeds
Enhanced operator comfort
Improved feedback and safety
Excellent for low torque applications


+/-5% over six sigma accuracy
Built-in Transducer
Excellent power to weight ratio
High durability spiral angle gears
Extremely compact with ergonomic grip
Integrated buzzer and additional blue LED