Pistol ErgoPulse PTX
EP15PTX250 HR20-AT product photo
The Pistol ErgoPulse PTX shut-off tool is the ideal choice if your operators need to speed up production with fast rundowns and short tightening cycles. It is a reliable and powerful shut-off pulse tool that automatically shuts off the air supply when the pre-set torque has reached. Suitable for continuous heavy production, the PTX series has some air on top HRF models, making it possible to feed the air from above to the tool. All PTX models can also be used as lubrication free, just like other ErgoPulse tools and is available in StandardTrim and AutoTrim version.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84671190

Technical Specifications

Certifications, standards & directives
EAC certified
EU directives
EC standard
EN ISO 11148-6:2012
Noise & vibrations
Sound standard
Vibration standard
Vibration value
6.5 m/s²
EP15PTX250 HR20-AT product photo

EP15PTX250 HR20-AT

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High reliability and durability
One-handed operation
Light and well-balanced tool
Low noise level


Consistent torque over time
Automatic two-stage trim valve
High power-to-weight ratio
No springs to wear out
High precision components