Electric portable air compressor E-Air H250 VSD

5-12 bar 110 - 84 l/s 233 - 178 cfm

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Electric compressor with VSD technology

Every now and then, an innovation comes along that changes the industry. Atlas Copco’s E-Air H250 VSD compressor is a game-changer when it comes to performance, energy-efficiency and versatility. The E-Air’s VSD motor is clean, compact, energy-efficient and quiet, while the compressors are easy to install and operate. No emissions, unrivaled efficiency, low noise levels and a plug-and-play design; you can take the E-Air anywhere.

Control your total cost of ownership with E-Air VSD technology

Minimize operating costs with 50%

The beating heart of a E-Air VSD compressor is a variable speed drive, permanent magnet motor, an electric motor that achieves unrivaled efficiency benefits and very low noise levels. The integrated permanent magnet motor of the E-Air H250 VSD is an in-house Atlas Copco development, ruggedized for outdoor applications. This motor has its windings potted in resin, so it's completely closed off against water and dust (IP 66). The unique design of the permanent magnet motor and the variable speed drive, results in a VSD electric driven mobile compressor that is 50% more energy efficient than a fixed speed compressor in partial or unload conditions, the state compressors run in 90% of their life.

Plug-and-play versatile electric compressor

PACE versatile controller electric compressor, increase utilisation rate, improve ROI

The PACE controller increases the utilization rate of your compressor

Every E-Air VSD comes with PACE technology (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics), an electronic pressure regulation system. You select the pressure in the compressor’s controller, your application dictates the flow, the PACE controller locks in and regulates the perfect combination. Setting the pressure is a matter of 3 clicks and you can choose a pressure at increments of 0.1 bar / 2 psi.

One compressor can cover the needs of various applications. From 5 bar / 72 psi to run a handheld tool, to 10 bar / 145 psi for sandblasting to up to 14 bar/ 200 psi for cable blowing, all with one machine. A conventional, fixed speed compressor runs at a fixed pressure level, delivering a corresponding maximal flow rate. A PACE compressor however, can deliver additional flow at lower pressure settings. When the load goes down, PACE finetunes the motor speed accordingly, which saves energy... and money. Read more about PACE

Technical data - Electric portable air compressor E-Air H250 VSD

Technical data   H250 VSD
Working pressure range Bar (g) 5 - 12
  Psi (g) 72 - 174
Socket connection A CE Smart Socket, 16, 32, 63A
Free Air Delivery m³/min 6.6 - 5.0 (at 63A)
  l/s 110 - 84 (at 63A)
  cfm 233 - 178 (at 63A)
Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m/23ft dB(A) 61
Max ambient temperature  °C 50
Installed motor power kW 37
Voltage V 380V - 460V +/-10%
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 2765 x 1346 x 1435
Weight kg 749

Total Responsibility Plan for your electric air compressor

With our Total Responsibility Plan, a comprehensive service package that includes an extended warranty, your E-Air H250 VSD portable air compressor is able to maintain top performance.

The setup of this Plan begins at the time of purchase and assures the greatest uptime for the duration of the machine's life. As part of this Plan, we'll offer authentic parts and lubricants, certified services, pre-arranged inspections, 24/7 access to machine data, smart fleet analytics, and proactive push notifications. Comprehensive diagnostics like vibration testing and oil samples will also be included.

If you're serious about giving the equipment that you plan to buy a longer lifespan with a cost-effective solution, contact us right now.

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Xc2003 control system

  • Warnings 
  • Shuts down your compressor in case of emergency. The Xc2003 helps to protect your investment.
  • ECO-mode
  • IP65 rating
  • In-house design
  • Fleetlink telematics available as an option

Xc2003 controller (no reflection) compressors

Xc2003 controller

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