Renovating an historical railway bridge with reliable compressed air

Our Lithuanian customer chooses reliable compressed air to renovate an historical railway bridge.

Across the green valley in Dubysa, Lithuania, sweeps the beautiful old Lyduvenai railway bridge, built back in 1916 and today considered cultural heritage. This is the location for one of latest renovation projects for the company Švykai, who has a lot of experience with bridge repairs and anticorrosive coating procedures.

Atlas Copco supplied a large, low-pressure XAVS 448 compressor to the project. Featuring a Stage V engine, this large compressor allows for fuel savings and a lower environmental impact.

Experience in construction protection services

It was the three Švykai brothers who founded the company in 2005 in Kaunas, Lithuania, with the purpose to provide professional and high-quality construction protection services, today they have grown to 120 employees. Švykai is the EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for this project and they have proven experience from similar jobs in several countries around Europe. Still this project is delicate work, with the Lyduvenai bridge being over a century old and the concrete just as old. The last renovation had been 20 years ago and the whole project would take 18 months to complete.

Reliable compressor for sandblasting and coating

The XAVS 448 compressor is used for sandblasting, but also and mainly to apply an anticorrosive coating of 30500m², which is a massive job. The project manager, Šarūnas Kvetkas, has worked for almost a decade in the company and is used to running this kind of rare operations.

We chose the XAVS 448 compressor for this project, because we trust the high quality products of Atlas Copco and their customer support

Šarūnas Kvetkas, Project Manager at Švykai
The challenging work is executed on 45 meters height and the railway is still operating with trains crossing every now and then. These are some of the reasons why Švykai chose a reliable compressor from Atlas Copco. The project has to run smoothly and according to schedule, without any downtime. Šarūnas Kvetkas emphases the importance of good support from the supplier: “At Švykai we select reliable suppliers, therefore we bought the XAVS 448 from Atlas Copco“. The historical Lyduvenai railway bridge project is situated in an extraordinary environment, so Švykai took specific measures on the work site. Several specially designed solutions minimize the impact of the work on the environment, such as dust reduction techniques and customized scaffolding. No challenge is too high or difficult for Švykai and that also holds true for Atlas Copco’s mobile air compressors.
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Renovating an historical railway bridge with reliable compressed air

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