Breaker and Hammer Air-Oil

Synthetic lubricant for handheld pneumatic tools

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Anti-ice properties thanks to glycol additive with an outstanding operating temperature range from -30 to +50 ºC/-22 to 122 ºF

Anti-corrosion protection

Readily biodegradable according to OECD301B

All pneumatic tools require some oil in the air line to lubricate the inner moving parts and reduce the wear between them, cooling them and reducing friction. Percussion units (breakers, hammers) without oil cause strong wear on the piston and cylinder. Decades ago, compressors leaked so much oil that it was enough to lubricate hammers and breakers. But that does not happen anymore. Breaker & Hammer Air-Oil is a fully synthetic lubricant with excellent lubricating, rust-preventing and de-icing properties, especially developed for TEX pneumatic breakers and hammers, as well as DIP and DOP pumps, for a smooth continuous operation under extreme conditions.


  Method Unit - Metric Data
Density at 15°C / 59°F ISO 12185 1050kg/m³ 140 oz/gal US
Viscosity at 40°C / 104°F ISO 3104 24.3 cSt
Flash point ISO 2592 > 100°C > 212°F
Pour point temperature ISO 3016 -60°C -76°F
Ice dissolving power at -20C/-4 F Very good


  Part Number
250 ml 8.5 US fl oz 8099 0202 40
1l 34 US fl oz 8099 0202 36
5l 1.32 US gal 8099 0202 02
20l 5.28 US gal 8099 0202 15
200l 52.83 US gal 8099 0202 28

Breaker and Hammer Air-Oil

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