Industrial Location Tethering ILT
ILT Base Station product photo
With the Industrial Location Tethering ILT, the wireless tool location solution by Atlas Copco, your battery tools will only operate in the correct area. Using wireless distance measurement technology, it tethers the tool to a specific workstation and disables the tool if it goes outside the set working range. This feature provides a virtual cable. Tool orientation detection continuously monitors the tool’s orientation. Users can define criteria for both roll and pitch angles, giving joint differentiation in certain applications.
Country of origin is DE. Customs tariff is 85176100

Technical Specifications

Battery information
Rated voltage
24 V
Certifications, standards & directives
5 - Small equipment <50cm
KC certified
EU Directives
2011/65/EU (RoHS)||2014/53/EU (RED)||2015/863/EU (RoHS amendment)
EAC certified
EU Standard
EN 301 489-33 V2.2.0||EN 301489-1 V2.2.0||EN 302 065-2 V2.1.1||EN 62368-1:2014
ILT Base Station product photo

ILT Base Station

8436 6770 00


Enables flexible production
Simple and standalone installation
Easy to set up system and configure
Less down-time in production
Orientation functionality


UWB radio technology with high precision
Tool-orientation detection
Integrated touch display
Communication via Open Protocol
Connect to Power Focus 4000
Connect to Power Focus 6000
Does not require ‘line of sight’
Tool tag accessories