Torque Wrenches ACTW
ACTW40 product photo
ACTW40 product photo
ACTW40 product photo
ACTW40 product photo
Atlas Copco PRO Torque Wrenches are manufactured to meet global standards of accuracy for customer torquing needs. The series can be used as a stand-alone product or together with Atlas Copco Impact Wrenches to ensure that the correct torque has been applied for non-critical applications. All of these click type torque wrenches come with a quality ratchet head that provides a distinctive and audible click sound. The series comes in different models covering a torque range of 5-1000 Nm. The series provides a ±4% accuracy based on the EN ISO 6789-1:2017 standard.
Country of origin is TW. Customs tariff is 82041200

Technical Specifications

Torque range max
200 Nm
Torque range min
40 Nm
Certifications, standards & directives


Fast socket release mechanism
Dual scale torque adjustment ring
Ergonomic handle


Compact design
Light weight
Operator feedback
High accuracy