Oil-free air compressor or Oil-less air compressor

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Oil-free Air Compressor or Oil-less Air Compressor

Oil-free or Oil-less means no oil sealing the rotors also for cooling part of the compressed air, elements, and rotors. With Atlas Copco oil-free air compressor we guarantee our oil-free air compressor by ISO22000 and Class 0 certificate.

Atlas Copco provide oil-less or oil-free air compressor in wide range.

  • Low-pressure oil-free air screw compressor called ZE & ZA (VSD) has developed to support and optimize customer production line in different applications below;
    • Pneumatic Conveying
    • Fermentation 
    • Glass Blowing 
    • Flotation Cells

  • Medium pressure oil-free air screw compressor with high pressure piston booster called ZD (VSD): smart air and nitrogen boosters, the advantage of oil-free screw technology with hybrid solution with the well-known piston booster technology combine with adsorption dryer of drum type air compressor. These applications shown result 100% oil-free dry air or nitrogen for medium and high pressure such as: 
    • PET Industry: blowing 
    • Instrument air 
    • Natural nitrogen vent capturing 
    • Soot blower air

Oil-free air rotary screw compressor and oil-free air rotary tooth screw compressor, we call ZR and ZT model guarantee 100% oil-free air for customer’s critical point production process. For ZR is water cooled and ZT is air cooled, both of them can produce pressure level from 3.5+ bar to 13 bars with integrating air dryer can reduce installation.

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