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Quality of the joint

The Tensor IxB platform delivers quality to the next level

Improve assembly quality with increased precision and a deeper understanding of the cause of issues

The Tensor IxB is the most precise cordless tool family in our portfolio. The Tensor IxB tools have been designed to drive higher quality by providing manufacturers with new levels of accuracy and control. Software gives access to more in-depth data, designed to help investigate and remedy tightening issues easier and faster.



Increase tightening precision

The quality of the joint is vital in the assembly process and ultimately means the success or failure of products. Previous generations of tools have only provided certain levels of tightening accuracy until now. 


Identify and eliminate tightening issues

Time and effort can be wasted in searching for the cause of mistakes, which in the worst case can lead to expensive recalls. The tightening system should provide peace of mind for manufacturers to ensure the highest assembly quality.

The Tensor IxB tools and software are designed to increase your assembly quality

With precise torque accuracy and movement sensors from the tools, together with easy feedback and trouble shooting software, Tensor IxB will be your partner in production to identify and eliminating tightening errors.

Easily identify tightening problems

Improved angle and torque accuracy

Easily solved tightening problems


Clear and intuitive user interface

The detailed information of the tightening results can easily be seen from any device. The web based user interface is designed to make it easy to get feedback and to troubleshoot if a tightening issue has occurred. Data can also be reported and analyzed with our ToolsNet 8 software.


Find and solve the most un-noticed issues

Tightenings issues that were before un-noticed can now easily be identified and solved with high-resolution data collection and visualization.


The most advanced tightening programs made easy

Tensor IxB allows you to create the best tightening program to your applications. With a drag and drop programming with up to 16 steps you can tailor made the programs to reach the highest productivity and quality of your production.


Eliminate operator influence and increase torque precision

Together with our standard range with torque accuracy of 5% (over 3 Sigma), we are now introducing a new range of high accuracy 3.5% (over 3 Sigma). The Tensor IxB tools’ gyroscope function allows a TrueAngle strategy to reduce operator influence on the angle tightening. All in all, both of them letting you narrow down to the torque and angle scatter. Supporting you to achieve the ultimate goal for your production – high-quality and safe products.

Learn more about the Tensor IxB tools

The Tensor IxB tool family is ready to be integrated directly into your production system, fully managed by the integrated controller without the need for any intermediate controller box. Reducing the hardware footprint on the line and enabling a transformation towards the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0.

Tensor ITB
The Tensor ITB is a true productive cordless nutrunnervwith integrated controller, covering torques up to 200Nm. Ergonomic and specifically designed for cramped area applications. controller box.
Tensor ITB
Tensor ICB
Tensor ICB  has a FULLY rotatable trigger. It can be adjusted, or locked, if needed, in any of its 20 positions.
Tensor ICB

Improve your assembly process

The Tensor IxB platform will revolutionize industrial manufacturing and contribute to the Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Tensor IxB is a collection of tools that improve quality, profitability, and make production more efficient. The Tensor IxB tools are engineered to overcome modern production issues, enabling improved processes and support in achieving production goals.

We are here to help

Please contact us to find out more about the Tensor IxB platform or to request a demo.

Tensor IxB

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