Air Preparation Units - FRL
MAXI-FIL-3/4-NPT product photo
Atlas Copco air preparation units, such as filters, regulators and lubricators, enable your tools to run at optimal performance, hence reducing downtime and increasing productivity.The filter helps remove dust particles and other contaminations from the compressed air, the regulator helps maintain a stable dynamic pressure and the lubricator helps to oil the tool in a controlled way.
Country of origin is DE. Customs tariff is 84811005

Technical Specifications

Max condensate capacity
2.33 oz
Certifications, standards & directives
EU Directives
2006/42/EC (MD) (Annex I, clauses 1.1, 1.4, 1.6, 1.7, Annex VI)
EU Standard
EN ISO 12100:2010
MAXI-FIL-3/4-NPT product photo


4221 0001 36


Simple & quick installation
High efficiency
Ensuring good air quality
Optimizes performance of your air tool
Up to three times longer life of vane motor


Low pressure drop
Modular with Filter, Lubricator & Regulator
Increase air tool service life