PF6 FlexSystem
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The PF6 FlexSystem is a flexible, efficient, and space-saving tool control system designed for fastening operations. Flexible mounting possibilities dramatically reduce both integration and installation costs and can eliminate up to 100% of floor-space utilization. The scalable system is delivered with an Intelligent Application Module (IAM) loaded with functionality covering your needs. The system is built on the same software platform as all other Atlas Copco tightening systems. This commonality reduces start-up, inventory and software management costs throughout the system life cycle.
Country of origin is DE. Customs tariff is 85234990

Technical Specifications

Language support
Number of licenses
User license
FlexIAM Ford product photo

FlexIAM Ford

8436 1500 20


Increased line flexibility
Space reduction
Reduced set-up and maintenance time
Flexibility of SW features via licensing
Common software with other AtlasCopco systems


Compact, light-weight, and modular system
Scalable software functionalities
DynaTork™ - Full synchronization of spindles
Embedded Soft PLC
Reject management
Hot-swap of just tools or entire system