QA Station MT & IAM QA
QA STATION MT product photo
Incorporated with efficient & innovative ways of use, QA Station MT can easily activate pre-defined torque verification program with real-time QA statistic calculation. It enhances the traceability of the QA process with more useful data (tool/controller info, station ID, operator ID, combined tightening & QA result) which can be exported in a digital report by just one click easily. This saves time from traditional manual reporting, making the whole QA & equipment maintenance process more efficient, error proofing and transparent. It also provides possibility for full automation integration.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84672985

Technical Specifications

Battery information
Material contains a battery
Rated voltage
36 V
Type of battery
1 Li-ion
Weight of battery
800 g
Ingress protection rating


Enhance visibility for your QA process
Improve QA efficiency
Increase uptime


Real-time QA statistic calculation
Digital reporting with useful QA data
Easy activation of torque verification
Highly flexible and agile
Long battery time for full-day operation