Pneumatic Angle Grinder PRO G2588
G2588-7-US product photo
The Pneumatic Angle Grinder G2588 is a lightweight tool that can easily handle heavy duty applications. Its ergonomic design with angled handle and high power makes it a popular choice for surface preparation in the general industry. The highly durable unit features strong and sturdy all aluminium housing to protect the motor inside. A safety lever helps the operator avoid unintentional starts-ups and the unit features double air filters for highest efficiency.
Country of origin is HU. Customs tariff is 84671110

Technical Specifications

Max free speed
8500 r/min
Noise & vibrations
Sound power
101 dB(A)
Vibration value
7.5 m/s²
Sound standard
Vibration uncertainty
2.5 m/s²
Vibration standard
Sound uncertainty
3 dB(A)


Superior operating performance
Maximum accessibility
High durability


High power-to-weight ratio
Durable aluminum housing
Speed governor
Built-in spindle lock
Safety start lever