Pneumatic Chipping Hammer RRC22F
RRC22F-01 product photo
Atlas Copco Pneumatic Chipping Hammer RRC22F is ideal for all material removal tasks in foundries, construction and heavy industries. RRC22F is a robust and highly dependable chipping hammer suitable for heavy roughening. The RRC22F is available with ISO standard guided hexagonal fitting or round non-guided fitting.
Country of origin is SE. Customs tariff is 84671900

Technical Specifications

Energy per blow
2 ft-lb
Noise & vibrations
Vibration value
6.1 m/s²
Sound standard
Vibration uncertainty
1.7 m/s²
Sound power
110 dB(A)
Vibration standard
Sound uncertainty
3 dB(A)


Durable and dependable
High material removal rate
Suitable for heavy roughening
Easy to service and do maintenance


Well proven percussive mechanism
Robust design
Fast and powerful percussive mechanism
Compact design
Guided and non-guided models available