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Presented Energy Saving in Compressed Air System at Kasetsart University

Compressed Air systems provide a significant impact on energy consumption and reduce the cost in industry

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Energy Saving for student in Kasetsart Universsiy

Atlas Copco Thailand presented at Kasetsart University

On March 9th, 2018, Mr. Noel Avila - Atlas Copco (Thailand) Limited, has lectured 3rd and 4th years students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kasetsart University

In the topic of “Energy Saving in Compressed Air System” to meet the aim of the course. Energy Audits course has the focus to cover the system overview and energy saving techniques in industry systems consist of electrical, steam, compressed air, and refrigeration system.

“ For optimal drive efficiency, it’s important to ensure energy savings already from the design stage of the systems. ”

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