Atlas Copco Thailand presented in Metalex 2018 Exhibition

2018 Exhibition

Atlas Copco had great opportunities to present our energy saving technology in Metalex 2018 on 21-24 November, 2018.

Metalex 2018 exhibition

During the show day we were presented Screw Brower ZS 18, Piping system – “AIRnet”, Compact Air Compressor “Model: ATB7 – 270” new technology for middle business to small business, Vacuum Pump “Model: GHS 585 VSD+”, Nitrogen Gas Generator Skid “Model: NGP8+”and air compressor controller lasted technology “Model: Optimizer 4.0”. As Atlas Copco committed we always serve the best solutions technology in term of energy saving to our customer.

We also presented our “Smart Connected Assembly Technology” to connect with industrial 4.0 for the first time in Thailand. It helped you to observed your system and prevented from error to control quality for your sustainable productivity.

With this opportunity we are appreciated every customer who interested in our products and technology and some of our customer, who needed us to collect the energy cost at your factory. We hope you receive information about saving cost energy for your decision to choose the best products, we provide you the efficiency energy solutions to your industry.

Atlas Copco Thailand (Head Office)

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