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Industry 4.0 or “SMART FACTORY”. This current wave of trend in automation and data exchanges in manufacturing technologies comes as a result of innovations primarily in a digital form, now fast developing to transform energy and the manufacturing sectors by including among other things connectivity, advanced robotics in most growth industries such as aerospace, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and power utilities. It includes data analytics, with access from all internet devices including smartphones.
Digital has taken over a big part of manufacturing processes in terms of production optimization and automation. The opportunity to reduce the costs for your business operation with significant energy savings, increased efficiency and a controllable operations. This is done via the internet with data capturing, analytics, cyber-physical systems communication and interactions with humans in real time.

The new generation of Atlas Copco products & equipment with the latest technology on remote monitoring and control system is geared towards SMART FACTORY. The automatically adjusted motor speed based on air demand thru our Atlas Copco VSD compressor and our Elektronikon® control system contribute to increasing efficiency and energy savings.
All Atlas Copco air compressors can also be equipped with SMARTLINK – with this remote control system you can keep track of the status of your Atlas Copco equipment, constantly monitoring if there is any service requirement or maintenance needs thereby ensuring uptime and eliminating downtime. The SMARTLINK allows you to see a full and complete overview of your Atlas Copco air compressor system whether you have a single or multiple air compressor system installations. With the built-in ES controller in the Atlas Copco air compressor control and monitoring can also be centralized to optimize your compressed-air system performance.

VSD air compressor equipment, Elektronikon® control system, SMARTLINK. These are just one of many innovations from Atlas Copco.

Are you ready for IT! – Combined innovation with a smart system. Giving you full control and ensures total benefit on your productivity!

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