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Tanning industrial zone km.34 chooses energy-efficient Screw blower wastewater treatment

oil-free Waste water treatment Blower 2019 ZS

Tanning industries are a powerful business that crucial for our economic system. They are not only adding values to hides and skins but also making high revenue to Thailand from both segments, local trading and international trading. Nevertheless, the wastewater from their business may impact on environment and societies. So, they need to control wastewater treatment systems to minimize impact environment, making more safety for societies as prescribed by law.

Nowadays, many tanning industries have increased they are efficient of wastewater treatment by aerobic treatment system. This process uses bacteria to break up waste particles and requires large amounts of air to blown into the wastewater to maintain the desired level of dissolved oxygen (DO) within the wastewater containment system.

We proud to present our customer’s story, tanning industrial zone km.34, the business that relies upon and chooses our Screw blower ZS 90 VSD+ for wastewater treatment.

The old blower was energy consumption we presented our new technology that supports energy efficiency by reducing the long-term of investment. Atlas Copco is known that the biggest part of the total business cost is an electric fee. We serve an effective solution based on customer satisfaction. We do understand customer’s satisfaction, also the effect of the noise environment for the working area.

With our Screw blower ZS 90 VSD+, the most suitable solutions with the integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD+) for wastewater treatment can provide efficiency and saving energy for our customer. This oil-free Screw blower was certified by ISO 9001 (quality certification standard) and ISO 8573-1 (Class 0 certified), ensuring that avoiding oil contamination can maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. It is easy installation, quiet operation, driving down your energy cost and intelligent control with a monitoring system (Elektronikon).

After our customer replaced Screw blower ZS 90 VSD+ for wastewater treatment, there was more flow rate and capacity while reducing energy consumption. They satisfied with this product because it can save their energy cost around 5 million THB per year.

Atlas Copco Thailand would like to say thank you to Tanning industrial zone km.34 Co., Ltd. for their trust in our product. We are proud to be an essential part of our customers to drive their success and bring their sustainable growth through value investing and making a healthier future for societies and the world.