Atlas Copco (Thailand) Co., Ltd. designed Vacuum Technique training class for distributors

2018 Vacuum Technique Training

On 17th January, 2019. Atlas Copco Thailand - Vacuum Technique Division designed training class for distributors about new vacuum pump. There were employees from Compressor Technique Service Division participating in this training class. Our training was focused on the details as follows:

1. Product updated LRP 700 – 1000 (VSD+ Intelligent Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump). It is perfectly suited to wet, humid and dirty applications. This model can be used in the food industry process (Such as milk evaporation, bottling, fruit processing, poultry and meat evisceration), plastic extrusion, rubber vulcanization and forming, pulp and paper, mining, drying, sterilization, evaporation and expanded polystyrene forming.

2. Product updated DHS 065 – 200 VSD+ (Dry Screw Vacuum Pump). This model is clean, free of any oil emissions and has zero contamination. Controlled with MKV Elektronikon - intelligence and optimum vacuum levels with Variable Speed Drive. Compact and low pitch sound level. It can be used in industrial manufacturing processes, pick and place, cleaning and drying, food packing, vacuum bagging, vacuum aided drying, paper converting, holding corrugated cardboard manufacturing.

3. Training about service and maintenance the products until starting up the machine, setting pressure, installation, problem-solving, preventive maintenance to replacement spare parts.

4. Demo test for vacuum pump model LRP 1000 VSD+ and DHS 65 VSD+

We designed this training for our distributors to share and learn. We provided them a good opportunity to ask the questions and make more effective them to be ready for customer service. Because distributors are representative of Atlas Copco, we would like our customers to guarantee that our distributors have the same standard as Atlas Copco service.

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