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Error proofing in assembly

Efficient software solutions, hardware and accessories bringing you closer to zero-fault assembly. You want to learn more about that? 

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Production systems will become ever more complex and more production critical operations will depend on stable running software and reliable hardware.
Error proofing solutions combining software and hardware to build a fully integrated assembly station to avoid costly reworking, raise productivity and ensure quality on your production line.
Our solutions are modularized, interfaces are opened to allow integration with third party systems, and that communication is built on standard technologies and protocols to exchange data and information in near real time.
Integrated assembly station is normally equipped with operator guidance and data collection & analysis software (Single Quality Solution), which communicate via open protocal and can easily be connetected to tightening controller (PowerFocus 6000, using a I/O bus cable) and assembly tools (battery tools with barcode e.g. STB), process monitoring software (ToolsNet 8), as well as Industrial PC (HLTQ), socket selector and stacklight.