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Beacon Medæs

BeaconMedæs is a leader in Medical Gas Systems, specialising in National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and HTM-ISO products such as lifeline manifolds, monitoring equipment, medical vacuum systems and anaesthetic gas scavenging (AGS) vacuums. BeaconMedæs assist their customers with exceptional medical technical support and customer service to maintain their status as one of the world’s largest medical gas service providers.


Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic represents tools and compressors that are engineered for high performance. In addition to pioneering design, high-impact technology, and excellent durability, Chicago Pneumatic means customer value.


Compressor Engineering

More than 150 years’ collective experience in compressed air systems makes Compressor Engineering a trusted local partner that can take care of any installation.

Compressor Engineering has been carefully built by using a unique combination of a factory-trained team of 10 service engineers with an average of 15 years in the field of air compressor installations and a sales team equipped with a wide range of highly energy-efficient Atlas Copco products.



Desoutter is a world leader in electric and pneumatic industrial tools and solutions, covering a wide range of assembly and manufacturing processes in aerospace, automotive, light and heavy vehicles, off-road, and general industry. The company designs, develops and delivers innovative industrial tool solutions, including air and electric screwdrivers, advanced assembly tools, advanced drilling units, air motors and torque measurement systems.



Edwards is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated vacuum products, abatement solutions and related value-added services. Edwards products are integral to manufacturing processes for semiconductors, flat panel displays, LEDs and solar cells; are used within an increasingly diverse range of industrial processes including power, glass and other coating applications, steel and other metallurgy, pharmaceutical and chemical; and for both scientific instruments and a wide range of R&D applications.



Henrob is a pioneer and market leader in self-pierce riveting (SPR), a mechanical fastening process suitable for joining aluminium and also mixed materials that cannot be reliably welded. Henrob is committed to pushing the boundaries of SPR technology to new levels. Its philosophy - “an innovator not an imitator” - is realised in a corporate culture based on entrepreneurial and creative aptitude.



As a pioneer of vacuum technology, Leybold offer a wide range of vacuum components, standardised and fully customised vacuum solutions, complemented by vacuum technology accessories and instrumentation. Their main fields of application are secondary metallurgy, heat treatment, automotive industry, coating technologies, solar and thin films such as displays, research & development, analytical instruments, as well as classic industrial processes.


Pneumatech MGS

Since 1966, Pneumatech has provided industry-leading compressed air and gas treatment solutions to production facilities across the globe. Their innovative machines and accessories provide clean, dry air and gas to industries such as automotive, textile, power generation, oil & gas, food & beverage, and electronics. They design equipment that is easy to configure, transport, use and maintain. Pneumatech MGS provide responsive service globally to ensure you get the most out of your equipment over its long lifetime. Furthermore, Pneumatech have the capability to engineer products to fit specific and bespoke applications.


SCA Schucker

SCA is synonymous with high quality and efficiency in adhesive systems, dispensing and metering technology. Through cutting-edge innovation and decades of experience in the field, we offer our customers solutions that boost productivity, saving both time and money.



Tentec designs, manufactures and markets bolt tightening equipment. Tentec is an innovative producer of bolt tightening equipment with a high level of focus on quality and safety.


Walker Filtration Ltd logo - based in the North East of Great Britain and acquired by Atlas Copco Compressor Technique in 2018

Walker Filtration

The family-owned Walker Filtration is based in the northeast of England. The company manufactures high-efficiency equipment for the treatment of compressed air, gas and vacuum.