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Running for change through St. Andrew's First Aid

St. Andrew’s First Aid is a charity providing first aid at a range of events across Scotland. It also offers first aid training to over 20,000 people each year and provides volunteering opportunities for people of all ages. The charity is driven by the belief that first aid should be delivered with confidence, and that no one should suffer or die because they didn’t receive the first aid they needed.

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Keith jumping off the Titan Crane in Glasgow (August, 2015) in which he participated to raise money for St Andrews First Aid charity

Keith jumping off the Titan Crane in Glasgow (August, 2015)

As any charity, St Andrew’s relies heavily on donations. Even a small contribution can make a big difference, but Atlas Copco service planner Keith McRavey wanted to donate more than just some loose change.

In August 2015, Keith took part in a hair-raising stunt at the Titan Crane to raise funds for the charity. A unique feat of engineering dating back to 1905, the Crane stands 150 feet above the banks of the River Clyde, offering stunning views over the surrounding area. However, while standing on top of the structure Keith did not have much time to admire the view: he was there to perform a sponsored bungee jump that raised £700 for the charity.

Keith and team after participating in the Great Scottish Run (November, 2016) in which they ran to raise money for St Andrews First Aid charity

Keith and team after participating in the Great Scottish Run (November, 2016)

Keen to do more, Keith looked for his next opportunity to raise money and in November 2016 signed up for the Royal Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run. With hardly any training prior to the event – something he would advise against, having felt the effects in the days that followed – and despite the apocalyptic weather that battered the runners throughout the race, Keith pushed himself to complete the 10K run. As a result, Keith and his group raised over £1000. Not long after completing his first run, Keith was already planning his next fundraising opportunity. In June 2017, he signed up for the Men’s 10K Glasgow, a race that took the runners past all the iconic landmarks of Glasgow city centre. The day was a success, with Keith’s team raising a further £2000 for St Andrew’s.

So, having raised nearly £4000 over the past three years, what continues to inspire Keith to give up his time (and sacrifice his body) in aid of the charity? In December 2014, Keith was one of the first people on the scene when an out-of-control bin lorry jumped the pavement and hit pedestrians in Glasgow city centre, killing six people and injuring a further 15. As an experienced first-aider, Keith sprang into action as soon as he saw what had happened. However, thinking back at the events of the day, he realised that many more people probably wanted to help but may have been held back by a lack of basic first aid skills. The events of that day highlighted to Keith how crucial the work done by charities such as St Andrew’s is, which give people the confidence to administer potentially life-saving aid. To support this invaluable work, Keith continues to fundraise and volunteer for St Andrew’s, knowing that every new stunt done is more money raised, and potentially a life saved.

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