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From University to the Working World: Business Analyst

Look at Luka's blog to see how he describes the atmosphere and recruitment process at Atlas Copco. You can also discover the most exciting part of his Business Analyst role and as a Year in Industry student.

Reading time: 4 minutes (500 words)

As I approach the final quarter of my placement, I can say I’ve learnt a lot at Atlas Copco. The company prides itself on being smart and innovative, with good core values, and promotes the idea in allowing employees to have responsibility in their work with maximum efficiency and cooperation. The success in my personal development has been down to the responsibility and trust I’ve been given right from the start of my placement.

For my role I work as part of the CRM team on a variety of lead generation projects as well as the customer support side of the business. This involves being both reactive and proactive in my work.

What does your role involve?


As mentioned above I work on a variety of lead generation projects. I use a 3rd party platform to pick out manufacturing companies who have upcoming projects that may need a compressor. I also look at our Daily Stats to see companies we have already sold to and research to see if they have other potential sites in the UK. Alongside this I solely run the ‘Drift Chat’ which is an online chat system which customers can use when visiting any of the pages on our website or the e-commerce store. By taking control of each chat that comes through I ensure the customer receives a positive outcome from their enquiry. I also assist with managing the e-commerce store and all the orders that come through it. This involves communicating with other teams, distributors and more importantly the customer prior and after placing an order.

What was the recruitment process with Atlas Copco like?

I felt a lot more relaxed in the recruitment process for Atlas Copco compared to other placement roles I applied for. I uploaded my CV via RateMyPlacement in March and was invited to an Assessment Day in May. The assessment day was split into two parts, consisting of a group exercise and an individual interview. I liked the fact that my manager wanted to get to know me as an individual as well as seeing how well I can adapt to the role. I received a call the following day and was delighted to know that my interview was successful.

What's the most exciting part of your Business Analyst role?

By being responsible for a large amount of my work, it means I can take credit for all the success that comes out of it. It feels good when I see an order come through that originated from the online chat or when a customer is satisfied with an order they purchased on our e-commerce store. The variety within my role means I work on a lot of different tasks at the same time, making each day working at Atlas Copco different from the last.

I also had the opportunity to travel to Glasgow to visit some customer sites to see how they use our equipment, as well as the chance to present a project I was heavily involved in at a sales meeting in Northampton. I hope to visit more customer sites in the UK before my placement finishes.

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