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Rental air compressors for industrial applications

Compressors for emergency air or planned maintenance

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At Atlas Copco Rental, we engineer a total solution. Our project engineers design the most suitable temporary installations to make sure you receive a made-to-measure solution, whether you are dealing with a planned contingency or an unexpected emergency.

We go the extra mile to deliver more than just machines. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach, every hour of the day or night, are part of the total package. We think along with you and handle the project from start to finish, so you can focus on your core business.

Alistair Harper

Alistair Harper

Sales and business development manager

For all pressure levels and flows

Electric- or diesel-driven, our wide range of oil-free or oil-lubricated, diesel or electric driven compressors, air hoses, dryers, receivers, collectors... guarantees a top quality air supply at any pressure level and flow:

  • Low pressure: up to 4 bar compressor set-ups for process air, aeration systems, pneumatic conveying...
  • Medium pressure: 4 to 12 bar compressors for piping, refining, textile and paper industry...
  • High pressure: 13+ bar compressors for onshore, drilling, mining, construction...

Cost-effective compressed air

Delivered by mobile and containerized units for all applications!
Our compressor units guarantee a highly reliable supply of high quality air, exactly tailored to your needs.

100% oil-free air, ISO-certified: Class zero

Our wide range of oil-free compressors supplies 100% oil-free air for all critical applications. Our Class Zero equipment is ISO-certified - an industry first.

Oil-free air has plenty of advantages: it eliminates the risk of air contamination in your end-product, it reduces the operating cost of compressed air in your business and lowers your maintenance costs.

24/7 premium service for optimal efficiency

  • Compressors for every sector including all industrial applications
  • Professional equipment
  • Express delivery, smart logistics & international experience
  • Efficient all-in approach from design to delivery, training, on-site maintenance and collection
  • The right compressors for your business: our service engineers design the matching set-up with you with eye for energy-efficiency

We can provide a fast delivery and support throughout Great Britain. Whether you are located in Manchester, Birmingham or even more south near London … we are ready to deliver a total solution for your any of your air needs.

Contact Alistair Harper today for more information on our industrial services.