Andy Lill appointed UK Quality Air Business Development Manager

Atlas Copco Compressors has announced the appointment of Andy Lill as Quality Air Business Development Manager in the UK. In his new role, Lill’s primary goal is to create awareness with compressed air users that air treatment products connected to an air compressor are equally as important as the compressor itself.

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Lill’s principal focus will be on end-user education while working closely with Atlas Copco’s sales engineers and distributors’ teams to ensure they supply engineered solutions that are specifically tailored for customers’ needs. That means their taking into account all of the contaminants present in a compressed air system and removing them to the degree of air quality required by the process operation.

Industrial Nitrogen and Oxygen gas generators for onsite gas generation

At the same time, Lill’s focus will also be upon increasing awareness surrounding the benefits of on-site generation of industrial gases. Specifically, nitrogen which is heavily used most notably within the food and beverage sector to extend the shelf life of perishable foods and in bottled drinks to reduce oxidation.

The message to Andy Lill’s target markets will be that Atlas Copco’s extensive range of industrial gas generators provide the ideal solution for the many companies who currently use bottled supplies of nitrogen and oxygen. On-site generation essentially removes the dependence on timely deliveries of liquid gases, the associated cost of these deliveries and space needed for them as well as the losses incurred by the liquid nitrogen boiling off from cryogenic temperatures. As he explains:

“ The benefits to the end user of on-site generation stand out clearly and I intend to spread the message far and wide because the potential for savings is enormous – not just immediate monetary gains, but also in production time and reduced administration. ”

Andy Lill , Quality Air Business Development Manager - Atlas Copco Compressors UK

In addition to these main priorities, Andy Lill will also be responsible for passing local feedback and market requirements to Atlas Copco’s Research and Development division in Belgium, to assist with improvements in product ranges and application capabilities.

Commenting on his new role, Lill said:

“ I’ve spent some twenty years in this industry and it’s no secret that Atlas Copco is usually at the forefront with their innovation. So, working with one of the leading air compressor manufacturers to bring the spotlight on air treatment products seemed like very natural progression in my career. ”

Andy Lill , Quality Air Business Development Manager - Atlas Copco Compressors UK
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Andy Lill has an HNC in mechanical engineering. He commenced his career in railway engineering and progressed with service and sales engineering management positions with major manufacturers within the compressed air industry. Lill’s most recent role was with a filtration specialist company.

When not meeting the daily challenges of his new appointment, Lill’s off-duty activities include avid support for Manchester City, cycling, driving his convertible and undertaking DIY projects.

Speak to Andy about air treatment and industrial gases or Discover our quality air range

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