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March 26, 2018

Air compressors

What's the best place for your compressor? What part does Atlas Copco plays in the making of craft beer you know and love? And where's the next energy savings opportunity for industrial users? Read this month's Fresh Air to find out!

Refrigerant air dryer FD 2000+ and oil-free air centrifugal compressor ZH 630 + installation

February 19, 2018

Curious how you generate nitrogen through pressure swing adsorption? Or perhaps how compressed air is behind an innovation that saves as much as 8% in fuel consumption for sea-going vessels? Discover all that and more in this February's edition of Fr...

Commercial Image NGP Nitrogen generator

December 14, 2017

Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS), multiple winners of Atlas Copco’s Distributor of the Year, had its official opening of its prestigious premises on Thursday 14th December announcing expansion plans and job opportunities in Brighouse as the company r...

PPS opens new offices and announces plans to expand the business, creating new jobs in Brighouse

December 11, 2017

Business as usual this Christmas holiday. Read December's Fresh Air to find out what Atlas Copco has to do with your Christmas turkey and have a sneak peek into life at Atlas Copco with our Advent Calendar!

Christmas product campaign 2016 for air compressors

December 6, 2017

Reading time: 4 minutes
Spending time with the family appears to be the most important element to the festive season, second place goes to a proper British meal. But how did the turkey receive an award like this? And what does Atlas Copco have t...