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Fresh Air | June 2018

Top tip: Do you need constant pressure in your compressed air system?

dynamic compressor illustration

If your application, like many others, requires constant pressure in the compressed air system, you will require that the air flow from the compressor centre is regulated.

>Read our wiki article about flow regulation in dynamic compressors

50% less space, 30% less energy and 30% more flow with the new ZS blower

Atlas Copco ZS 4 VSD+ oil-free blower in outdoor setting

Our new oil-free, low pressure rotary screw ZS 4 VSD + blowers are equipped with integrated permanent magnet motors. Suitable not just for waste water treatment, but also for food, chemical and non-woven textile applications.

>Find out why they are the most energy-efficient blowers in the market


Atlas Copco compressor at Brinkley Propeller

From a centralised vacuum system at a timber specialist to combined compressed air and nitrogen supply at a craft brewer, the list of manufacturing sites where our products contribute to quality, productivity and efficiency is long.

>Follow our hashtag #MadeWithAtlasCopco to see how we support UK manufacturing

Compressor and pipework boost fast turnaround for Brinkley-Propeller

Brinkley Propeller chose an Atlas Copco compressor and compressed air pipework to boost their production

Equipping its new maintenance and repair facility with a GX11 FF compressor and AIRnet pipework supplied by distributor, Anglian Compressors, equipped Brinkley-Propeller for future growth.

>Hear in the customer ‘s own words why this solution best met their needs

Andy Lill appointed Quality Air Business Development Manager

Andy Lill, Atlas Copco UK Business Development Manager for Quality Air

Lill’s primary goal is to create awareness that air treatment products connected to an air compressor are equally as important as the compressor itself.

>Bringing the spotlight on air treatment products

Taking care of your compressed air

The VSD+ might be behind closed doors, but it’s always taking care of your compressed air! Our GA VSD+ compressor offers a powerful motor and a compact footprint thanks to its in-house designed iPM motor technology. It reduces energy consumption by average 50%, with uptimes assured even in harsh conditions.

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