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Fresh Air | November 2017

Our monthly newsletter covers product updates, tips for air compressor maintenance, local news, and valuable insights into the world of compressed air and vacuum pump technology.

Top tip: Putting safety first in compressed air use

We take a look at the potential hazards involved in compressed air use and ask how aware is industrial management of the preventative measures that can be taken, the scope of current pressure regulations and the legal obligations of compliance.
Reading time: 9 minutes (1595 words)

>Hear from Steve Matthews, Atlas Copco’s QSHE Manager

New air dryer guarantees PDP of -40C at almost zero energy cost

Our new ‘MDG’ rotary drum dryer guarantees a stable pressure dew point (PDP) of -40C, with no compressed air loss, at a very low energy cost, since it only consumes max 0.2kW. No other dryer can match this!
Reading time: 2 minutes (305 words)

>Read more about our ground-breaking new dryer

Atlas Copco helps power BLOODHOUND SSC towards the finishing line

In October, the BLOODHOUND SSC project made its first test runs, achieving 0-200 mph in 8 seconds. Air compressors and advanced tools from Atlas Copco have played an integral role throughout the development, assembly and test stages of the supersonic combined jet engine and rocket powered car that aims to break the land speed record.
Reading time: 4 minutes (560 words)

>Read more about the Bloodhound SSC project

Industry 4.0 - what has it got to do with compressors?

Industry 4.0 is all the rage, but do you know how it relates to a compressed air system? Our article looks at the history and application of internet connectivity and data science in the compressed air industry and examines how it may influence both the initial design of the equipment and the way it is monitored and managed in working environments.
Reading time: 7 minutes (1190 words)

>Check out our article and infographic about Industry 4.0 and compressed air

Smartlink diagnostics avoids machine breakdown at automotive plant

Atlas Copco’s Diagnostic Center reacted to a compressor element outlet warning on a GA22 at an automotive manufacturing plant in the UK. The early warning from the compressor’s Smartlink meant that preventive maintenance could be brought forward, thus avoiding breakdown costs and unscheduled downtime at the customer, and potential damage to the compressor element.
Reading time: 4 minutes (712 words)

>Read more examples of how Smartlink improves compressor uptime

‘Kettle’ helps vacuum pumps stand up to humid environments

Watch this video to find out how a piece of testing kit affectionately called the 'kettle' is used in our vacuum pump factory to ensure our ‘AW’ liquid ring vacuum pumps perform reliably under the most extreme humid conditions. 
Watching time: 3 minutes 

>Watch vacuum engineers perform a saturated air test

Desiccant dyers that perform reliably at 100% airflow

Our two new ‘CD’ heatless desiccant dryer ranges are designed to perform reliably at 100% airflow, whereas most dryers only work at 70-80%. As a result, customers can enjoy a constant pressure dewpoint and process, even with fluctuating air demand.
Reading time: 4 minutes (600 words)

>Get the lowdown on the new CD+ and CD dryers

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