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Show Cases of custom built and engineered compressed air packages

Systems Hemel Hempstead in combination with Atlas Copco Air & Gas Purification can offer a complete instrument air and nitrogen generation solution. The benefit to the customer is the complete process guaranteed by a single supplier. Using a single supplier will also reduce project management and logistics costs for the client.

Find out more about Systems Hemel Hempstead capabilities by studying a few project case studies described below. Although exact project details are confidential the case studies provide basic details for the output, scope and location of the projects.

Nitrogen Package - Complete Solution

Cygnus Field Development Project
Instrument Air / 1398 Nm3/h / -40 °C / 9.7 bar(g)
Nitrogen Gas / 17.4 Nm3/h / 99.99%
2x 100% ZT 200 oil-free compressors
2x 100% Heatless dryer trains
2x 100% PSA N2 Generator package
All Units Skid mounted with local
UCP Full Client Spec Compliant
6Mo instrument piping and fittings
Zone 1 IIB T3 Instrumentation
Offshore, Outdoors, North Sea

Instrument Air Package

Longford Gas Conditioning Plant
Instrument Air / 780 Sm3/h / -40 °C / 9 bar(g)
Diesel Package / 1149 Sm3/h / 9.5 bar(g)
2x 100% ZT 132 air comprssors
1x ZT 160 Diesel compressor
2 x 100% heatless dryer trains
Skid mounted package
Full Client Spec Compliant
SS 316L instrument piping and valves
Zone 1 IIB T3 instrumentation
Onshore, Outdoor, Australia

Black Start Air Package

Emergency Air Compressor
Compressed Air / 3327 Nm3/h / 9 bar(g)
2x 100% ZR 450 Diesel
2x 100% Closed loop cooling water system
3x QAS 80 (Generators)
Zone 1 IIB T3 Instrumentation API 661
Air Blast Aftercoolers Fuel Tanks
Onshore, Outdoors, Qatar

A 3D 360° visualisation of a bespoke instrument air module

An interactive 3D visualisation showing a 60 tonnes model containing compressed air equipment engineered for autonomous operation in extreme ambient temperatures, ranging from -40°C to +50 °C. The module houses two duty/stand-by ZT 75 air-cooled, oil-free, rotary-screw, fixed-speed compressors that deliver compressed air at a pressure of 8.6 bar. The compressors are linked to duplex instrumentation for control and shutdown procedures, together with CDE heatless, desiccant air dryers, externally sited air blast after-coolers and two 2000 litre wet air receivers.

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