How to take control of wasted energy in the compressed air system

Compressed air can be responsible for as much as 30% of a factory’s energy consumption. Wasting part of this energy simply means throwing money away. Manufacturers trying to minimise energy consumption often implement measures that could be effective but have a limited impact. Assessing your compressed air system is the best way to start with the optimisation of your plant or manufacturing facility.

There are four simple checks that can be carried out to determine if your system needs further measurement.


The design of a compressed air system is the key to energy that will be consumed during its operational life cycle. The system should have a low pressure drop with minimal compressed air leakage.

  1. When the factory is quiet (weekend, night time or shut down), can you hear the hiss of compressed air?
  2. When you are not in production is your compressor still running? 
  3. Is the pressure reading in the compressor house higher than the pressure reading at the furthest point of use in the factory?
  4. What pressures do your processes require versus the pressure that is generated?  

    These four simple checks can indicate where compressed air system efficiencies can be gained. With 7% of the electrical input energy being consumed for every 1 bar of pressure, and older pipework systems leaking on average 20% of the produced compressed air, it is not unusual to be able to effect significant savings. 

These are easy checks that you can perform yourself. However, when it comes to properly assessing the performance of your compressed air system and getting the most out of it you have to rely on a trustworthy partner. Discover the saving possibilities by contacting Atlas Copco Compressors UK to request a FREE ENERGY AUDIT for your compressed air installation.

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