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Energy savings air compressor

Are you sure you use the correct compressor size?

Following an energy audit 5 out of 10 manufacturers find out that a smaller Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor can replace their old compressor and generate energy savings.
We install compressed air solutions that match your demand.

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up to 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to fixed speed air compressors


up to 15% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional variable speed compressors


noise levels now reduced to as low as 62 dB(A)

Innovative proprietary technologies have been introduced to the 7-75kW air compressor range to deliver even greater energy savings than the first generation of VSD compressors: average energy savings of 50% compared with fixed-speed alternatives.

At the 55 kW size Free Air Delivery (FAD) has been improved by 9% and Specific Energy Requirement (SER) has been improved by 8%. This means compressed air users get up to 9% more air while using up to 8% less energy with the GA VSD+ compared to the current GA VSD.

Our energy assessments show that due to this enhanced efficiency the GA VSD+ range can easily replace alternative larger compressors thus meeting your actual compressed air demand.