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£1500 off

Minimum £1500 buy back discount on 30kW+ compressors

New for Old

Upgrade to a new compressor and we will collect the old one

Any brand

Offer applies to any brand as long as it’s still running

Get minimum £1500 buy back discount for your old 30kW+ compressor, regardless of brand

If you’ve been putting off upgrading your compressed air system, our New for Old offer might be what you’ve been waiting for. Atlas Copco will offer you a discount on your existing compressor, regardless of brand, when you buy a new GA 18kW or above compressor from us. Not only will you benefit from the buy back discount, but you will be sure to save thousands of pounds on your compressor lifecycle costs when you buy one of these new compressor models, compared to an older compressor of the same kW rating.

The buy back rules are simple:

  • A buy back discount of minimum £1500 will be offered on units of 30kW and above when you purchase a new Atlas Copco  GA 18kW or above compressor from us
  • For compressors under 30kW, we can’t guarantee a minimum of £1500. Talk to us!
  • The buy back discount will be applied to your quotation and invoice
  • Your old compressor must still be running and be located in Great Britain
  • Atlas Copco or our agent will arrange collection of the old compressor once the new one has been installed
  • We will have the option to (1) provide for the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal, at our cost, of waste electrical and electronic equipment arising from the compressors at the end of their life or (2) to request you in writing to do so at our cost. 

  • The offer is valid for all quotations made by the 30th November 2018 when you ask for our New for Old deal 
  • This offer is made by Atlas Copco Ltd, T/A Atlas Copco Compressors (Atlas Copco)


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