Atlas Copco engineers can look after the entirety of your compressor room

Streamline your rotating equipment service

Are you perhaps considering bringing more of your service in-house? Here's an alternative you may not have considered: Atlas Copco's service engineers could maintain all of your rotating equipment. Single supplier. Single call out number. Unrivalled level of service.

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“ There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing who to contact in a breakdown situation. Or worse yet, having to coordinate multiple suppliers to bring your production back online ”

Liam Grimwood , Plant Engineering Manager - Alpla UK

Facilities management company or in-house capability?

Traditionally, to be able to streamline the servicing of rotating equipment, you have the choice of negotiating a contract with a facilities management company or developing the capability to maintain the equipment in-house.

Understandably you may want the additional control that comes with a streamlined maintenance operation, but hiring and training engineers capable of servicing all your rotating equipment is not the most economical option either; and neither is it something you can undertake overnight. So what do you do when the options seem limited? Go for the facilities management companies or bite the bullet and start to develop in-house experts?

Servicing your rotating equipment: a third option

Perhaps it was not the first idea to spring to your mind, but did you know that Atlas Copco's nationwide network of service engineers is capable of servicing all rotating equipment? Be it servicing water pumps, refrigeration units, vacuum pumps or blowers, our engineers can look after them. And you can rest assured that they will be treated with the same level of professionalism and care that you know to expect for your air compressor service.

Instead of having to commit to an additional member to your team, you can trust your local Atlas Copco engineer to look after your investment proactively, according to the manufacturer's guidelines, and without any additional hassle for you.

Atlas Copco service for all rotating equipment: what's in it for me?

“ In our business reliability is paramount. Any downtime has a massive impact on our productivity levels. Now, with our 3-year FM Plan not only do we enjoy a high standard of service from just one organisation handling all our equipment maintenance needs, but at all times we are fully informed of its status. There are no more shocks or surprises, we know exactly what’s happening and what the relevant costs are. ”

Liam Grimwood , Plant Engineering Manager - Alpla UK
Brian Barnes, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Service Operations Business Line Manager

“ One of my prime focuses has to be on promoting customer care and productivity. That responsibility extends way beyond maintenance matters to cover all aspects of customers’ systems, from advising how they can comply with the government’s latest carbon reduction measures to providing guidance on health and safety matters relating to their compressed air operations. ”

Brian Barnes , Compressor Technique Service Operations Business Line Manager - Atlas Copco Compressors UK

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The after market process starts as soon as an Atlas Copco compressor is sold. When the product leaves the process of product design, engineering, production, marketing and sales, the “real” relationship with the customer takes off. Our sales rep, planner, service technician and technical support explain how they contribute every single day to obtain the ultimate customer satisfaction . That is how they convince the customer to stay with us and let us re-start the process of product design until sales over and over again.

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