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Sustainable solutions for your own company needs

From traditional segments like ethylene and propylene to emerging applications such as fertilizer production, our solutions are always up to the task. Even in the most rigid chemical/petrochemical environments

Robust and reliable production

Maintaining a stable supply of air or gas is critical for plant production and uptime. We custom-engineer some of the most reliable machines in the industry, helping you to keep your process moving

Safe and compliant equipment

The demands of chemical / petrochemical environments require close adherence to international industry and safety standards. We work with you to ensure all of the equipment we provide meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards. Find out more how we comply with API standards for our process equipment

Why use an Atlas Copco Compressor?

With our many years of experience and our focus on sustainability and safety, our compressors provide unmatched reliability to the petrochemical industry. Our optimised solutions will allow you to increase your profitability whilst keeping your workplace safe and reducing your costs.

Dependable products for all (petro)chemical applications

Find our complete range of compressor and expander products to meet your application needs.

  • Gas to Liquid - GTL
  • Fertalizer - Ammonia, Uria, Nutric Acid 
  • Refineries - MTBE,FCC
  • Coal to Liquid - CTL
  • Coal to Methanol - CTM
  • Gas Aromatics - PTA, Phenol, Caprolactam, Maleic Andrehyde
  • Syngas - Hydrogen, CO
  • Ethylene / Propylene
  • Polyethylene / Polypropylene
  • Propane Dehydrogenation
  • Why use Nitrogen in petrochemical and chemical industry?

    The inert gas properties of Nitrogen makes it a must have for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Nitrogen is also beneficial for the following reasons:

    • Nitrogen helps prevent explosions by keeping hydrocarbons and chemicals liquids from reacting to oxygen during transportation and storage. 
    • Nitrogen can be used as a substitute when hydrostatic testing cannot be used.
    • Nitrogen allows faster cooling of the process catalysts saving you hours of shutdown time. 
    • Nitrogen foam inerting makes it possible to carry out hot work on hydrocarbon handling systems in complete safety.
    • Nitrogen reduce the weight of fluid in the wellbore, allowing the well to flow.

    What are the main advantages of generating Nitrogen onsite?

    • Many petrochemical & chemical projects are based in remote locations and transporting nitrogen to these locations comes at a huge financial and environmental cost. Opting for onsite nitrogen generation will therefore allow you to save costs whilst ensuring that your brand remains ethical.

    Our nitrogen air solutions

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