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Dental Compressors

Discover more about our certified Class 0 dental air compressors, which supply 100% oil-free air. We offer a wide range of piston and scroll compressors.

Optimal Performance

Our compressors are designed and built to work for dentists. Their straightforward control panel makes them easy to operate and their compact size make them fit even in the smallest spaces.

100% clean Class Zero air

Whilst others may claim oil-free air through filtration, Atlas Copco dental air compressors are certified to generate 0 trace of oil vapour. Because condensation can result in bacterial growth, our compressors provide an extra layer of air quality assurance.

A wide range tailored to your requirement

From the LFx for the solo dental professional to the LF and SF for the larger dental practices, we have a complete range of dental compressors to meet your particular requirements.

Why buy an Atlas Copco dental compressor?

Atlas Copco dental compressors are custom-built solutions that were researched, designed and manufactured in house. Because each component can affect air quality, we test them all individually as well as how they interact.

Meet the strictest industry standards Our product range meets and exceeds mandatory and self-imposed quality criteria, giving you peace of mind. ☑ Rigorous quality check Because each component can affect air quality ,we test them all individually as well as how they interact as a whole. ☑ Coated parts Prevent any kind of component contamination. ☑No leakage bearings Keeps your air clean, sealed-for-life.

Why do I need Class 0 air ?

Your patients come into contact with the compressed air that your tools require to run. So to ensure that your air is unquestionably clean, you need Class 0 air to achieve absolute compressed air quality. With oil-injected compression, even filtered, there is always a chance of oil vapour.. Atlas Copco's oil-free technology delivers 100% oil-free air. Aside from clean air for your patients and instruments, you will also be able to keep your compressors for longer, with minimum servicing required and no oil changes to make.

How to size a dental compressor?

As a rule of thumb, each dental chair needs approximately 50 l/min (0.83 l/s) @ 6 bar, to meet the HTM 2022 standard.

What dental compressor is right for me?

With our LFx, LF and SF range, we have developed an extended range of compressors for different types of dental professionals and practices. LF. Cost effective and low maintenance solution for hospitals and laboratories. LFx. Quiet and reliable solution for the solo professional and small dental practices. SF. Silent, easy to operate and maintain. There are two models are available in this range depending on your flow and dew point requirements.

Where can I buy a dental compressor?

Our dental compressors are available for purchase on our Atlas Copco e-store.  Check this out now to see our full range. 

Dental Compressors

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