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Fresh Air | January 2017

Our monthly newsletter covers product updates, tips for air compressor maintenance, local news, and valuable insights into the world of compressed air and vacuum pump technology.

Top Tip: Do you know the rules for proper disposal of compressed air condensate?

Anyone who runs a compressed air system (using oil-injected technology) needs to be aware of how to properly dispose of the condensate in a responsible manner, so as not to infringe any environmental laws. Not only is incorrect disposal detrimental to the environment, but you could also incur a fine and damage to your reputation as a responsible company. 


Here’s how you check your compressed air supply 

VSD compressor boosts productivity for commercial vehicle repair specialist

workshop compressor
When McKinnon & Forbes, a leading Scottish truck and van repair specialist replaced its 11 year-old fixed-speed workshop compressor with a new Atlas Copco VSD+ unit, the company not only halved its energy costs but also boosted its productivity.

Find out how McKinnon & Forbes drove down its costs and saved space.

Monitoring technology avoids frozen condensate drains at cereal manufacturer

Monitoring technology helps manufacturing
A cold snap was causing a cereal manufacturer’s compressors to run at a particularly low ambient temperature. Luckily SmartLink monitoring picked up warnings from the units’ electronic condensate drains, triggering a visit to site by a service engineer. This early intervention saw the customer fit temporary heaters to prevent the drains freezing up, which could have led to compressor element damage, condensate reaching the air network, and substantial breakdown costs.
How can SmartLink help convert your facility into a dynamic smart factory?

How many benefits can one VSD vacuum pump have under its canopy?

GHS 1900 VSD+ vacuum pump
Watch Richard Oxley, vacuum product manager, presenting the features and benefits of our largest oil-lubricated rotary screw vacuum pump, the GHS 1900VSD+ , which has a 1900m3/h capacity.

Find out why this technology is unique and what the available options are for the range.

On-site nitrogen generation replaces bottles for Breffni Air in Ireland

Breffni replaces bottles with on-site nitrogen

Breffni Air is a specialist ventilation company that manufactures and installs ductwork. Their fibre laser cutter provides them with very accurate sheet metal profiles in both stainless and galvanised steel. To achieve this, they use nitrogen as a cutting gas. Using the Atlas Copco high pressure nitrogen skid ensures they have on tap availability and bottle transportation is no longer needed.

With up to 80% cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint on top, what’s not to like about this all-in-one compressed air and nitrogen solution?

airLET: Only pay for the compressed air that you use

airLET compressed air on demand
Atlas Copco has launched airLET, a new pay-as-you-go compressed air scheme. airLET provides end users with a guaranteed and reliable compressed air supply, with service included, under a flexible agreement. It is designed specifically for customers who may experience periodic extra usage demands or have limited capital reserves. Why buy a compressor when all you need is the air?

Read more here.

Meet the true champions of compressed air

compressed air champions

Energy is precious. Helping customers to achieve greater energy efficiency drives everything we do at Atlas Copco.

Watch this video to see how energy efficiency influences our development of new products.

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