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Fresh Air | May 2018

Top tip: Are you missing out on major opportunities to save energy?

Find the energy saving potential in your compressed air installation and look after the piggy bank
Overlooking the energy saving potential of compressed air systems could be costing UK manufacturers. The most common barrier is the perception that assessing the efficiency of an air compressor network is disruptive and time consuming. However, the reality is far from it.

>Find out how compressed air audits work from our expert, Stef Lievens

Maison Gilliard saves £7500 a year with on-site nitrogen generation

Vine with grapes in vineyard
Famous Swiss wine maker, Maison Gilliard, switched to on-site production of their nitrogen gas supply and never looked back. Aside from the energy savings, they found that on-site generation also saved them space and administration time.

>What swayed Maison Gilliard in favour of on-site nitrogen generation?

The new Atlas Copco oil-free VSD compressor will blow you away!

Prepare to be blown away by our new ZR VSD compressors!
What could be better than up to 10% more output, 15% lower energy consumption and 25% less floor-space? How about through-life cost of ownership investment lower than any comparable oil-free compressor available today? Did we mention guaranteed pressure dew-point of -40°C at the compressor outlet?

>Explore the benefits of the new ZR oil-free air compressor range

AirNET pipework range introduces point of use (POU) accessories

AirNET aluminium and stainless steel pipework adds point of use (POU) accessories
For the highest efficiency of your air system, we are happy to announce adding point of use accessories to our AirNET range of modular aluminium and stainless steel pipework. From compressor outlet right down to your application, AirNET is your one stop solution for the entire system.

>Discover the new accessories

Centralised vacuum offers reliability and unexpected energy savings

Centralised vacuum used for pick and place applications at engineered timber specialists
By replacing ageing stand-alone units with a centralised rotary screw VSD vacuum pump system from Atlas Copco’s distributor, Anglian Compressors, production continuity has been assured at David Smith St Ives and 40 per cent savings in energy costs realised.

>Find out why David Smith St Ives chose centralised vacuum

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