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Fresh Air | November 2016

Our monthly newsletter covers product updates, tips for air compressor maintenance, local news, and valuable insights into the world of compressed air and vacuum pump technology.

Top Tip: So many different types of compressor. What's the difference?

types of air compressors
What are the virtues of positive displacement compression compared to a dynamic compression? When is oil-free technology better than oil-injected? Why does a VSD compressor save more energy than a fixed speed one? We have put together a quick guide for those who need to know what’s what, or are just interested in compressors!

Check out our guide to the different air compressor types.

The ideal small business compressor

oil-free compressed air
With its reliability, efficiency and 100% continuous duty cycle, the new G-series of 7-15 kW compressors is an ideal air solution for small and medium sized businesses. It comes with Atlas Copco’s powerful rotary screw element and an advanced electronic controller to go above and beyond the call of duty. It’s even 13% quieter than comparable machines.

Could the G compressor be the one for you?

Rotary screw blowers aid yeast production for Lallemand GB

Rotary screw blowers for yeast manufacturing
Our oil-free, rotary screw blowers are providing a highly reliable source of vital process air for Lallemand GB, the UK’s largest commercial yeast producer, who is predicting to reduce its annual energy bills by 25% as a result of adopting the technology.

Find out the reasons why the ZS screw blowers impressed Lallemand

Monitor your compressed air installation with SMARTLINK

monitor your compressed air installation
Knowing the status of your compressed air equipment at all times is the surest way to eliminate surprises, so you can achieve optimal efficiency and maximum availability of your equipment. We even offer a free trial of SMARTLINK so you can find out its benefits for yourself!

Want to know more?

A vacuum pump that can reduce production cycles by 10%

vacuum pump reduces production cycle
What would a more energy efficient, faster production line mean for your business? Our GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are not only smaller, quieter and cleaner – they can also knock 10% off each production cycle time. Is there a place for them in your production process? Book your free vacuum pump assessment

vacuum.sales@uk.atlascopco.com or
Learn more about our vacuum pumps' energy efficiency.

New compact, low maintenance refrigerant dryers

F60 refrigerant dryer for air compressors
The F range of professional refrigerant dryers combines reliable, energy-efficient performance and a low maintenance requirement. Designed with a simple space-saving vertical concept for easy plug-and-play installation, it suits compressor applications where air quality is less critical, therefore requiring a lower initial investment than for more advanced dryer solutions.

Discover the new dryer range

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