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Fresh Air | October 2018

Top Tip: How to choose the best type of air treatment equipment for your industrial compressor?

Desiccant air dryer?Activated alumina

This blog from our Quality Air Manager, Andy Lill, provides a great steer on what to look for when selecting air treatment equipment for a compressed air system.

>Make the right choice of filter or dryer at the outset

Competition to win a brand-new compressor

Keith Barron for the Oldest Compressor Campaign

We’re looking for the oldest industrial compressor in GB. If your old compressor is between 30-90kW, stationary, oil-injected and still running (just like our Keith!), enter our competition.

>You might win a brand-new replacement!

Fill in the blanks to reveal a space-saving compressor

Joanna Canton Long showing the space from a GA VSD+

Pull up a chair and get out a crossword. Just a suggestion for filling the space freed-up by our compact GA VSD+ compressors. What would you do with YOUR extra space?

>Watch our video for some creative ideas

Class zero oil-free air from Atlas Copco's new ZT 90-160 compressor

ZT 160

The ZT 90-160 efficiently provides oil-free compressed air for a variety of industries such as food & beverage, textiles, oil & gas and power generation.

>Read about its efficient element and improved monitoring system

How intelligent vacuum pumps improved woodworker's productivity

Modern Woodcrafts was looking for better efficiency, better overall performance, and reduced noise pollution. The project heated up quickly when one of their existing vane pumps failed.

>A centralised VSD vacuum pump installation put things right

Utility Room Service Plan streamlines Alpla's maintenance processes


“There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing who to contact in a breakdown situation. Or worse yet, having to coordinate multiple suppliers to bring your production back online.”

>Find out how Alpla maintains its rotating equipment with a Utility Room service plan

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