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Fresh Air | Special Edition

Our monthly newsletter covers product updates, tips for air compressor maintenance, local news, and valuable insights into the world of compressed air and vacuum pump technology.

Top tip: Efficient compressed air management

compressor installation
It costs a lot in electricity to run a compressor. Our business line manager, Ken Revell, explains how careful planning of the compressed air system design, and smart thinking in running it, can keep the costs under control, saving electricity and money.

Follow Ken’s 8 steps to efficient compressed air management

airLET: Only pay for the compressed air that you use

airLET - compressed air on demand
Atlas Copco has launched airLET, a new pay-as-you-go compressed air scheme. airLET provides end users with a guaranteed and reliable compressed air supply, with service included, under a flexible agreement. It is designed specifically for customers who may experience periodic extra usage demands or have limited capital reserves.

Why buy a compressor when all you need is the air? Read more here.

Oil-free centrifugal compressors for industrial process plants

ZH centrifugal compressors presentation
17,000 pints of beer! That’s the equivalent energy costs you could save with our ZH 630-1600 oil-free compressors. Watch the video featuring Michael Pingram, our proposals engineer, to gain an insight into the features and benefits of this centrifugal compressor range that serves applications within the automotive, electronics, glass, metal and gas processing sector.
Watch Michael presenting the ZH/ZH+ compressors!

VSD compressor boosts productivity for commercial vehicle repair specialist

garage compressor
When McKinnon & Forbes, a leading Scottish truck and van repair specialist replaced its 11 year-old fixed-speed workshop compressor with a new Atlas Copco VSD+ unit, the company not only halved its energy costs but also boosted its productivity.

Find out how McKinnon & Forbes drove down its costs and saved space.

886 million cups of tea!

Saving energy for the UK
That's the amount of energy our VSD compressors have helped UK industry save in just one year, which is equivalent to approximately 22,140,700 kWh or over 10 million kg of C02.

Visit our website to learn more about energy efficient VSD compressors

How many benefits can one VSD vacuum pump have under its canopy?

screw vacuum pump
Watch Richard Oxley, vacuum product manager, presenting the features and benefits of our largest oil-lubricated rotary screw vacuum pump, the GHS 1900VSD+ , which has a 1900m3/h capacity.

Find out why this technology is unique and what the available options are for the range.

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