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Customized, compact solutions

Depending on your requirements, we offer ET-Series turboexpanders in generator-loaded (ETG) and booster compressor (ETB) loaded options. In most cases, the turboexpander is skid-mounted with its auxiliary support system to simplify transport and help reduce installation costs

Choice of bearing systems

Bearings can be selected specifically to match your process and deliver maximum efficiency. Our bearing designs include hydrodynamic bearings as well as active magnetic bearings

Integrally-geared expander

Being the industry’s most efficient and compact gear design, Integral Gear Technology delivers multiple-speed capability. This allows each compression stage to run at the optimum speed, giving you the best efficiency possible

Learn more about integral gear technology

Superior cooling capacity in cryogenic processes

Being the first expander to successfully employ dry-gas seals in cryogenic applications, the ET-Series offers superior cooling capacity in your cryogenic processes

High-efficiency impellers

To ensure top efficiency, our engineers utilize computational-fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite-element analysis (FEA) in the design of our impellers. That’s supported by the latest five-axis computer-aided manufacturing processes

Technical product description ET-Series turboexpander

Engineered for maximum performance through integral gear technology, the ET-Series can handle inlet pressures up to 160 bar with a maximum power 15 MW. Employed throughout the world because of their efficiency and long service life, our ET-Series integrally-geared turboexpanders are a prime example of highly versatile machinery.

At work in a number of processes, the ET-Series delivers solutions for oil and gas, chemical and petrochemicals, LNG and energy-recovery applications. In the hydrocarbon segment, ET-Series turboexpanders work with process gases such as propane, nitrogen and hydrogen.

Chemical and petrochemical applications

  • propane dehydrogenation
  • hydrogen recovery
  • nitrogen rejection
  • ethylene recovery
  • ammonia
  • CO purification

And, in sustainable energy generation, our generator-loaded turboexpanders create electricity in a number of pressure letdown applications.

Technical product specifications ET-Series