Atlas Copco is with you for the long run - our industrial compressors now come with free 7 year warranty


We know your production depends on the supply of compressed air, that's why all the industrial compressors we sell in the United Kingdom come with free 7 year warranty when backed with a networked Guardian service plan. That's 7 years of worry-free production.

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When you buy a compressor from Atlas Copco, you buy 7 years of peace-of-mind

Here at Atlas Copco, we believe the quality of our products is second to none. Between their unmatchable energy savings, ever-improving design and the expertise available through our engineers, to purchase an air compressor from Atlas Copco means to buy peace of mind from the industry-leading air compressor manufacturer. For this reason, our compressors now come with 7 year warranty when backed by a Guardian service plan. This means 2,555 days to focus more on your production and less on its component parts.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. 7 years free warranty - no hidden costs, no excess charges, no previous claim penalties. Atlas Copco engineers and our nationwide network of distributors are experts in the design, installation, and tailoring of compressed air systems to suit your exact requirements. We are confident that the air compressor installations we recommend will last the test of time in terms of reliability and save you energy when serviced according to the manufacturer's instructions.  

When backed by our Guardian service plan, your compressor gets preventive service with genuine spare parts and compressor oil, which keep it running at optimum performance and ensures you get the most energy savings possible from your compressed air system. This in turn minimises unexpected maintenance and production downtime.