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Guardian is the assurance that for 2555 days, your compressor room is in safe hands. So you can focus on what you do best.

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What is Guardian compressor service plan?

Guardian is a 7 year service plan for the maintenance of your new compressed air installation from Atlas Copco UK, which validates your compressor's free 7 year warranty. The plan covers the entirety of your compressor room, not just the air compressor, and ensures your production has maximum uptime at the lowest possible cost.

What is preventive maintenance?

We are often asked to define preventive maintenance when it comes to compressed air systems and explain how it works and why it is worth it. In the simplest terms, executing compressor preventive maintenance is a guarantee for risk reduction for your installation. By relying on scheduled service visits, spare parts availability, and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, you minimise the threat of production disruptions and unforeseen expenses.

If you wait until you have to repair the air compressor , you already risk putting your production on hold until you can find a suitable partner to do the compressor repairs. Afterwards, you wait around again for them to have your compressor spare parts delivered, find a good date to do the service and finally bring your production back online. That can add up to a costly repair, but also higher costs when taking into account loss of production and idle workers.

But what if compressor overhauls, repairs and maintenance were planned in advance? By having this operation taken care of by our experienced UK nationwide team of engineers on our networked Guardian plan every year you have, on average, 13* extra days of production compared to companies with no preventive maintenance schedule in place and you maintain the energy efficiency of the machine.

Moreover, Guardian's remote monitoring software, Smartlink, takes you one step further into Industry 4.0 by implementing predictive maintenance. Imagine, instead of our engineers visiting when your compressor needs a repair after overheating repeatedly, they give you a call when your compressor shows the first signs of trouble. Blocked drains? Exposure to temperatures below operation recommendations? Guardian is not just a service plan, Guardian is a predictive maintenance solution that aims to give you the best uptime possible. 

*based on an installation running 6000 hours per annum

What are the options for my new compressor?

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