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2901170000 : Roto Synthetic Fluid Xtend Duty

Top quality RXD compressor oil to get the best out of your GA - GX - GN - GR oil injected screw compressor.

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Excellent resistance against oxidation

Longer drain intervals: up to 8 000 hours or 2 years even in heavy duty conditions.

Exceptional protection against deposit formation

A lower pressure drop through the oil separator reduces energy consumption.

Top protection against screw and bearing wear

Extends the lifetime of moving parts

Roto Xtend Duty Oil Specifications

Air Compressor Oil - Roto Xtend Duty

Oil Type : Engineered synthetic based lubricant
Service intervals: 8 000 h or 2 years
Environment : Ambient temperature range from 0°C to +46°C
Equipment: Atlas Copco oil injected screws
Compatibility: GA - GX - GN - GR compressors
5l : 2901 1700 00
20l : 2901 1701 00
209l : 2901 1702 00
1000l : 2901 1703 00

Download the Oil Specification Sheet